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The Boater License deadline has passed but you can still get the card

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boating licence canada ** Important Information for writing the Boating License in Ontario Below **

The deadline has come and gone and yet there are estimates that alot of the boating population in Canada did not get certified.

The Canadian government has been telling the public that they will need some form of proof for the past ten years so it should not come as a surprise when the local police or OPP pull you over.

The Police were already handing out fines of up to $ 250 last year and will continue the blitz in the spring after the ice clears and the Ontario boaters get back on the water. There was a mad rush last year with thousands and thousands of cards being issued before the deadline.

Some people may have thought that this was their last chance to get certified but it only meant that after this date, you could face a fine. It no longer matters when you were born or what size of boat your are operating. If the boat has a motor, then the new rules apply to you !

You still have the option to take the test with a certified instructor onsite wherever it is being offered or you can quite simply take the test online.

So while the weather is still cold and your boat is in storage, get the card and you will never have to write the exam again. And one more thing, keep the card in a safe place or get a second card in case it gets lost or stolen with your wallet.


Hurry before the season begins in Ontario

Get your Boater License Now for Summer 2015. (The Operator Card is valid in all provinces : Ontario, Quebec, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland.)

-No need to sit through full day class or even leave your home , write boating test online NOW

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